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You’re probably going to pay too much for college every year without even knowing it because you're going to make a small mistake on your FAFSA or did not know how to effectively negotiate your financial aid package for more money.  And I'm not talking about a few bucks... I mean thousands of dollars and frequently more during EACH AND EVERY year of college.

Finally... You Can Discover The Strategies expert financial aid insiders use To Correctly Complete FAFSA, Maximize Financial Aid, Lower College Costs And Avoid Loans!

It doesn't matter if you'll be a first-time college student, transferring or continuing in the same school because you must file a new FAFSA every year and can negotiate your financial aid package every year.  By following my simple steps you can:

My name is Keith Kolinsky. I can help you save time, stress and take you straight to the money.  I'm a Certified Financial Planner, a Registered Investment Advisor and hold an MBA in Finance from New York University.  Everything I will be sharing with you comes from over 20 years of experience working with money, financial aid and FAFSA.

Dear Keith,

With my two girls in college and following your programs to the letter for the past two years (including letters of appeal), last term we received offers of $22,900 for my oldest daughter returning as a sophomore, and $20,125 for my youngest daughter entering her freshman year.  We are talking $43,025 of scholarships and grant-in-aid funds in one year alone!

< The girls are fine, attending their "First Choice" college... Which would have been literally impossible without your help!
Many Thanks,

Arthur P. - Point Pleasant, NJ
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Don't Be A Victim Of The System -
Instead, Make It Work For You!

Your financial aid will be determined by how you answer certain questions on your FAFSA form.

Very few people plan their FAFSA strategy in advance.  Most will wait too long and fall into the trap of just following the directions that come with the form and get killed like a sheep beingled to slaughter.  At best they'll just get their FAFSA processed.  This does not have to happen to you!

Did you know the students' and parents' income and savings are combined to determine how much financial aid you will receive?  Does everyone in your family know what they must do when completing FAFSA to get more financial aid?

Do you know what to do with your savings, investments and mortgage when you do your FAFSA to get more scholarships and grants?

Are you aware parents that are divorced, separated or just living apart can exclude the non-custodial parent's income and assets at approximately 90% of colleges? Do you know which ones they are?

Before you answer each question on FAFSA, you must plan ahead.  You need to know how your answers will affect your ability to receive the maximum amount of financial aid you're entitled to and what you can do to qualify for more money.

Using our insider strategies when you complete your FAFSA will enable you to get the maximum amount of financial aid and scholarships like our other clients in the left column.

Don't Fall Prey To The Ignorance Of
College Financial Aid Officers, Guidance Counselors
And Other Well-Meaning People!

I want to share with you three important truths about FAFSA.  These are truths your guidance counselor will probably never tell you because, quite honestly, most just aren't taught to deal with the critical issues I'm about to address.

Financial aid officers know the truth, but don't expect them to reveal any secrets to you.  Their loyalties remain with their employer-the very colleges you're looking to for financial aid.

But once you know all these truths, you'll be empowered to make smart decisions about what to do with your FAFSA.

Truth #1

Enrolling in FAFSA can be your worst nightmare.  If you're not prepared, the process can be long, it can be tedious and sometimes, it just doesn't make sense.

My Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide will help you get organized and give you easy to follow, line-by-line instructions for every question.  You are guaranteed to complete your FAFSA accurately, in record time and will never have to worry about the Federal Processing Center rejecting your application.  You'll have the option of mailing in a completed paper form or applying online at the official Government FAFSA site to shave weeks off the processing time to put you at the front of the financial aid line.

Truth #2

FAFSA enrollment through the official site is free, but you can pay an independent company to complete the forms for you.  This is a very seasonal business and there are a number of companies that will have a clerk or a temporary employee interview you on the phone and then fill out the FAFSA form for you.  They'll charge you a fee for this service.

I've seen prices all over the place-a low of $40 to as much as $189.  Some people are willing to pay for the convenience of having someone fill out the FAFSA form.  And that's OK.

But be warned... Many of these services are using non-secure Internet pages to collect your personal and financial information, which can easily be stolen AND... all of these services require you to give them your personal and financial information.

Do you really want to give this information to strangers?  My Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide will maintain your privacy.  You never give us your personal and financial FAFSA information.  You will only give it the official Government processing center.  Your security is never compromised!   No one else can give you this guarantee!

Truth #3

As you may have already figured out ... what good is paying someone to fill out your forms if you didn't do any advance planning and all they're going to do is write down your answers?

So you see, if you have no strategy you might get some financial aid, but your odds might not be any better than winning the lottery.  The best you might hope for is just getting your form processed.

Creating a winning strategy for your personal situation will get you much more financial aid and scholarships.  I'll show you how you can develop your winning strategy in just a minute.

Within Minutes You'll Be Privy To
These Insider Secrets And More

Here's Why I Can Take You
Straight To The Money!

My Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide was created by Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants that have exhaustively studied and mastered every part of the college financial aid and scholarship system for years.  That's what separates us from everyone else.

We give you the inside strategies and techniques to use when completing your FAFSA, and show you how to complete the entire financial aid and scholarship process.

Professional organizations throughout the country have had the opportunity to check and verify our background and experience.

Not only that, chapters of the Financial Planning Association, Financial Advisory Firms and Bar Associations throughout the country fly us in to educate their members.  Not only that, they refer their clients to us because our system is tested, proven and we are very good at saving their clients a lot of time and money!

Here are just a few who have had the opportunity to use and verify our system works:

You'll Never Pay "Full Price"
For The College Of Your Choice
When You Follow My Simple "Insider" Strategies!

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Complete Your Paper or Online FAFSA
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Easy to follow, line-by-line Instructions with audio help guarantee your FAFSA will be perfect. You'll sleep easy at night knowing your paper or online FAFSA will not be rejected and you'll be on your way straight to the money.

Remember, if your FAFSA is rejected, colleges will never get your FAFSA information and you will not be considered for financial aid.

FREE Extra Bonus #2!
Complete Your CSS PROFILE
Without Mistakes

If any of your colleges require the CSS PROFILE, we'll help you make sure your PROFILE answers are coordinated with the FAFSA. This is critical to help prevent being selected for verification (the college's version of an audit) or additional questions from the financial aid officer.

Our line-by-line instructions will make this a snap to prevent inconsistencies to guarantee the college financial aid officer will be ready to review your information instead of putting your file to the side waiting for you to answer additional questions.

FREE Extra Bonus #3!
Insider Tips, Tricks And Strategies
To Help You Qualify
For More Financial Aid And Scholarships

This is the mother lode college planning experts charge a pound of flesh for.  You'll have it all.  Everything you can do when completing your FAFSA and CSS PROFILE to qualify for more financial aid.

I'm talking about the best places to keep your money; what to do if you own a house; how your business can help you get more money; income tax strategies; what to do if parents are separated, divorced or remarried; and much more.

This bonus alone is worth its weight in gold!

FREE Extra Bonus #4!
Financial Aid Histories For 3,384 colleges

You'll be able to estimate your financial aid package for most colleges before you apply?

How would you like to be able to determine if a college made you a fair and reasonable offer, made a mistake or gave you a low-ball package?

For the first time, you'll have this information to help you evaluate and negotiate your financial aid package for more money.

FREE Extra Bonus #5!
Proven, Tested And Professionally
Written Letters Of Appeal

What do you do if you're offered far less financial aid than you had anticipated?  What if your financial picture has changed since you submitted your forms and you now need more help?  What if the acceptance letter you receive doesn't address all your concerns about future aid?  What if you want one school to match the offer of another?

You will get fill-in-the-blank letters written by experts who speak the "language" of financial aid officers for each of these circumstances and more.  You'll find them a quick and easy way to resolve any issues you have in helping you get more financial aid package.

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You'll find a number of companies when searching the Internet for FAFSA help that will submit your FAFSA for $50 and more.  All they do is have a clerk ask you the questions, write your answers on the form and submit it.  They don't know the insider techniques in our system.  This will not help you get a dime more in financial aid!  Don't waste your money.

If you could find a financial expert that knows how to do this for you, you would pay at least $750 - and probably a lot more.

The best part of all...your entire fee for our Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide is only $99.95 until On the price is going up to $139.95. 

Not only that, I'm so certain my Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide will help you get at least 20 times your investment in scholarships, grants and low interest Stafford loans for your upcoming college year, that if it doesn't, I'll refund your $99.95... No hassles and No Strings Attached.

AND... if your FAFSA gets rejected for ANY reason, even if you made a mistake, I'll refund your entire $99.95 fee.

I'm taking all the risk because I know you're going to LOVE this!

Once you get it, I'm betting I couldn't pry it out of your hands if I tried!

If YOU are ready to maximize your financial aid and scholarships, lower your out-of-pocket costs, save lot's of time and stress, avoid paying more than you have to and want these kinds of results immediately, click here to register NOW!

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Frankly, my partner (a Certified Public Accountant) feels these bonuses are worth over $275 and wants us to charge full price for them.

If you don't register today, you may miss out on the best, least expensive way for you to get the maximum amount of college money possible.

But as long as you are reading this, it means the offer is still open.

After it's gone, that's it.


"I think that you have developed one of the most comprehensive, organized and cost effective programs for scholarships that I could ever imagine.  I think that it is a must for anyone with a child entering college.  The cost is ridiculously low and we would have paid much more and it is worth much more.  It's one of the few bargains out there!  (In fact it may be a detriment to your program, as I thought anything that cheap had to be worthless.)  Thank you so much.  It is a great and honest service you are providing."


Jim B. - Port Orchard, WA
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The Time To Act Is Now!

Don't wait... Don't Procrastinate... Make a decision now.

Isn't it time you stopped trying to figure this out by yourself?

Stop wasting your time searching for bits and pieces of information every time you have a question. Get EVERYTHING you need to maximize your financial aid in one place and make a risk-free investment of $99.95.  Avoid the price increase on

Within minutes of registering, you'll get the "inside scoop" from a financial aid expert and you'll be on your way straight to the money!

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If you had to assemble all the valuable tips and strategies in My Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide on your own, it would take you months of visiting government Web sites, the endless list of "free scholarship sites" and your local library and you still wouldn't have nearly everything in My Financial Aid and Scholarship Guide.  And you'd still have to make dozens of phone calls to clarify issues and worry if you did everything correctly.

Or you can take out your credit card, invest $99.95 and click here to immediately begin to secure your financial aid and scholarship money.  You'll quickly discover that the speed, the accuracy and the convenience I offer you is definitely worth A LOT MORE than the cost of one used college book to avoid paying thousands more than you have to for college!

Might be the smartest move you'll ever make…

Click here now and you'll get the inside secrets within minutes.


Keith Kolinsky
Keith Kolinsky

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